Spetember 21st – 30th, 2011


American Redstart


Here is a brief summary of migration activity at Fish Point from September 21st – 30th including some excerpts from PIBO’s daily log.


September 21st

A quiet census and not much activity in the netting area. It was warm at dawn (21° C) with light southeast winds and steady rain starting around 9 a.m. A Peregrine Falcon was new for the fall.


September 22nd

Cooler this morning but winds still from the south. Not much to report apart from 16 Sanderlings at the tip, a few banded thrushes, four warbler species, 3 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and some catbirds.


September 23rd

Lots of rain but a few more birds including over 1000 Common Terns at the tip, 70 Bonaparte’s Gulls, a Red – eyed Vireo, and nine warbler spp.


September 24th

Intense thunderstorms last night but still warm, with a dawn temperature of 23° C.More activity this morning including nine warbler species banded in small numbers along with some thrushes and kinglets. Another female Peregrine on census along with a Merlin and 12 Sharp-shins. There was a small increase in diurnal migration including about 200 blackbirds and 61 Blue Jays.



Red–breasted Nuthatch


September 25th

Ones–and–twos of a nice range of species – Philadelphia Vireo, Swainson’s and Gray–cheeked Thrush, the first pipits of the fall, a banded Northern Parula, along with eleven other warbler species.


September 26th

It was generally quiet with the exception of the first Green–winged Teal of the season and a season-high 11,500 cormorants at the tip.


September 27th

Some Sharp-shins and 3 Bald Eagles were noted on the census along with 46 Canada Geese and 72 Blue Jays.


September 28th

A similar day to the 27th with 67 Blue Jays along with a couple of Wood Thrushes, a banded Bay–breasted Warbler and Ovenbird, and ones-and-two of a variety of others.


September 29th

Prolonged south winds and warm temperatures brought things to a near standstill, with few migrants around except for a handful of thrushes and warblers.


September 30th

A steady gale from the west and lots of rain on the last day of the month made for a quiet time, with only seventeen species tallied on the census, and just five songbird species. A few raptors of five species were noted including three falcon spp. – kestrel, merlin, and peregrine. Four high-flying Chimney Swifts were observed departing south from the point.


PIBO’s migration summary for the period October 1st – 15th will be posted shortly.


Photo: Sumiko Onishi