October 21st – 31st, 2011


Nashville Warbler


October 21st

There were lots of birds around this morning including 123 Golden–crowned Kinglets, 83 White–throated Sparrows, 67 Yellow–rumped Warblers, and 35 Ruby–crowned Kinglets. Five raptor species were noted along with the first Buffleheads of the fall.


October 22nd

Another active day with lots of kinglets (87 Golden and 42 Ruby–crowns), Yellow–rumps (100) and Dark–eyed Juncos (51), along with a nice variety of additional species. Almost 4000 blackbirds fly over the count area during the census, heading southwest off the tip (mostly red–wings, grackles, and some Rusty Blackbirds). The first Northern Saw–whet Owl of the year was captured during PIBO’s first of four public owling nights.


October 23rd

It was another busy morning with a similar mix of birds recorded throughout the day including six sparrow species, a couple of Black–throated Blue, and a single Nashville Warbler. Not as much diurnal migration apart from 44 robins, a few pipits, and up to 800 blackbird species.


October 24th

Some light but steady rain and not much of note apart from small numbers of phoebes, kinglets, flickers, yellow–rumps, white–throats, and a lone Tree Swallow.


October 25th

Light southwest winds and another busy morning with lots of Golden–crowned Kinglets (115) and a nice range of other species including Sanderling, the first Dunlins and American Coots of the fall, Blue–headed Vireo, Winter Wren and Brown Creeper, among others.



Western Palm Warbler


October 26th

Not much to report today apart from an American Coot at Fox Pond, ones–and–twos of Sharp–shinned Hawk and Northern Harrier, and a small batch of Golden–crowned Kinglets (50).


October 27th

Although the nets were quiet this morning there were a fair number of birds observed in the netting area and lots activity on census, including over 120 sparrows of six species feeding along the west beach. Juncos (56) and White–throats (50) were numerous along with the first fall record for American Tree Sparrow (22). In all, 44 species were recorded in the official count area.


October 28th

Another busy day for sparrows with seven species recorded including lots of Juncos and White–throats and a couple of Fox Sparrows. Diurnal migration picked up significantly as well with more than 6000 blackbirds noted flying over the station in mixed flocks (mostly Redwings along with Common Grackles and some Rusty Blackbirds). Three Horned Grebes and a single Snow Bunting were new for the fall.


October 29th

Not as active this-morning but still a nice variety of species in moderate numbers. A Red–shouldered Hawk was new for the fall.


October 30th

A station-high 91 Horned Grebes recorded on census along with smaller numbers of Red–breasted Merganser, Mallard, and Bufflehead. Another push of kinglets (111 birds recorded of both species) along with moderate numbers of a nice range of others including Eastern Bluebird, Cedar Waxingk, and Purple Finch, among others.


October 31st

Southwest winds, a mild morning (11° C), and not much bird news. All the sparrows from the previous week up and left except for six individuals of three species, and even the cormorants were few-and-far between, with just 40 birds noted at the tip.


PIBO’s final 2011 migration summary will be posted on November 17th


Photo: Sumiko Onishi