October 11th – 20th, 2011


Cooper’s Hawk


October 11th

Still lots of Blue Jays (214) on census and a nice variety of other species including Sanderlings, Hermit Thrush, both kinglets, some pipits and waxwings, and the first migrant Field Sparrows.


October 12th

A warm start to the day (18° C) and some rain off-and-on throughout the morning. Not much to report on census or in the netting area apart from a few kinglets and thrushes, 2 Black–throated Blue Warblers, and small groups of four sparrow species – White–throated, Song, Swamp, and some juncos..


October 13th

A similar morning to the 12th including mild weather and light rain. A few Sharp-shins still moving through, some White–throats on census, and a few kinglets and an Eastern Towhee in the netting area.



Brown Creeper


October 14th

Not many migrants today after a week of south/southeast winds. Just a handful of kinglets, a Gray–cheeked Thrush, and a few sparrows on the census.


October 15th

Strong west winds, more rain, and little of note except 6 Bald Eagles on census and a Northern Parula and Magnolia Warbler..


October 16th

A few Yellow–rumps (25) and White–throats (21) this morning and 65 Canada Geese at the tip. Another wet and windy day.


October 17th

Six warbler species this morning including Magnolia, Black–and–white, Black–throated Blue, Palm, Yellow–rumped, and American Redstart, along with the following raptors – 5 Bald Eagles, 5 Sharp–shins, a couple of Red–tails, and a Northern Harrier.



Fox Sparrow


October 18th

There were lots of birds at the Point today with 47 species recorded during the count period. Good numbers of Yellow–rumps (87) and Golden–crowned Kinglets (60) along with a nice variety of others in moderate numbers including Yellow–bellied Sapsucker, Blue–headed Vireo, Nashville, Black–throated Green, Blackpoll, and a banded Mourning Warbler.


October 19th

A rainy morning and just the census and some additional observations, but a fairly active day, with 61 Golden-crowned Kinglets and 55 White–throated Sparrows noted during 90–minutes of coverage. Seven sparrow species recorded including 2 Eastern Towhees.


October 20th

It was another active morning and a nice mix of birds were recorded throughout the day including a Sora, 6 Eastern Phoebes, a Red–eyed Vireo 65 and 29 Ruby and Golden–crowned Kinglets, respectively, 30 Hermit Thrushes (including 17 banded birds), and 72 White–throated Sparrows.


PIBO’s next migration summary will be posted on November 3rd.


Photo: Sumiko Onishi