OCTOBER 1st - 10th, 2010

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Migrants continued to move through the area in good numbers from October 1st - 10th and there was a nice mix of September stragglers - fourteen warbler species were noted - along with more typical October migrants including both kinglet species, Brown Creepers, lots of Hermit Thrushes, and a nice variety of sparrows. Although the station banding totals were lower this week compared to previous years (partially due to three days of rain), there were lots of birds observed in the netting area and on the census, and PIBO staff and volunteers kept busy throughout most of the summary period.

The month started off on an active note with 53 species tallied on October 1st along with 61 birds banded of seventeen species. White-throated Sparrows were abundant - 130 birds were recorded during the 'count' period - as well as Golden-crowned Kinglets (67), Blue Jays (64), Eastern White-crowned Sparrows (48), and Hermit Thrushes (28), among others. Lots of rain on the 2nd and 3rd made for a generally quiet time apart from good numbers of diurnal migrants observed on census on the 3rd, including 265 Blue Jays.

An additional 345 jays were counted on October 4th along with the first Horned Grebes of the Fall, and it was active on the 5th as well, with 116 Golden-crowned and 61 Ruby-crowned Kinglets noted on the day, as well as eight warbler species. A Red Phalarope recorded on census (which was mistakenly posted on our Twitter account last week as a Red-necked Phalarope) was an official first-record for the station and only the second phalarope documented on the island since at least 2003. In all, 51 species were recorded in the 'count' area on October 5th and 77 birds of twenty species were banded in sixty net-hours (1.28 birds/net-hour).

It was fairly active on the 6th and 7th, with 200 kinglets recorded on the former day, followed by the first Northern Saw-whet Owl of the fall banded on the 7th, although predawn temperatures of 13° C made for a somewhat quieter time until the 9th. The final two days of the summary period were busier, however, both in the netting area and on the census, with 42 Yellow-rumped Warblers tallied on the 9th along with 26 Hermit Thrushes (17 banded), a Northern Parula, 6 sparrow species, and another three banded Northern Saw-whets.

PIBO's next migration summary will be posted on October 21st.

Photo: Sumiko Onishi

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