Migration Summary for the Period May 13th – 19th


Pelee Island Bird Observatory



Common Yellowthroat



There were lots of migrants recorded at Fish Point during the summary period both on the daily census and in the netting area, and lots of diversity mid-week, when PIBO staff documented a season-high eighty-three species during the official coverage period on May 15th.


Activity was fairly light at the start of the week, although new arrivals continued to appear in the count area including Eastern Wood-Pewee (May 13th) and Mourning and Canada Warbler (May 14th). South winds and thunderstorms on the 14th made for a busy morning the next day when good numbers of flycatchers, vireos, mimids, thrushes and warblers were recorded, including a Yellow-breasted Chat and Northern Mockingbird on the census, and a banded female Kentucky Warbler.


May 16th and 17th were also active and diversity remained high, with 71 and 65 species tallied each morning, respectively, including 19 warbler species on the 16th. Least Flycatcher, Swainson’s ThrushMagnolia Warbler and American Redstart, were numerous on both days.             


The 18th remained busy as well when 64 species were noted during the count period. A singing Connecticut Warbler recorded on the census was new for the spring and a nice variety of birds were banded in small numbers, including 12 warbler spp. Migrants tapered off on the final day of the summary period, although a few species increased slightly including Black-billed Cuckoo, Red-eyed Vireo, Gray-cheeked Thrush, and Canada and Wilson’s Warbler.


Next week’s summary will be posted on May 28th.


Photo: Claire Sanders